Revolving Evolving Portraits

as the Portraits evolve and change in their making you can whitness this as the paintings are hung in the house at Croft Castle.

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James Pearson’s preliminary sketches

James Pearson Assistant Gardener at Croft Castle my youngest subect in The Custodian Collection has a presence of a young roman centurian of gardening! at his portrait sitting he said i drew him as “the greek god of gardening 3rd in the chair”!

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today i begin his portrait on an oval canvas. i choose a profile composition.

The Sitters

I’ve been getting to know the sitters – the Custodians of Croft Castle who will each in turn sit for their portraits painted live so I hope you can come and join me to find out about them as we chat about their lives and their relationships with  Croft Castles ancesters. Una Heap Volunteer of croft castle for 12 yrs

We meet Una Heap 25th Sept 2012 in Croft Castle 1pm – 4;30pm. There will also be art materials available if you feel the need to draw what you see.

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