Music inspired by Croftcastle

Music inspired by Croftcastle by Adrian Utley. Very serene and atmospheric.


looking forward to being back at Croft Castle 27th october 1pm -4;30pm to start on my next portrait. George Cebo volunteer and buggy driver will be sitting for his portrait. hoping it’ll be a beautifull autumnal day as i’m counting on that light to capture George with his beautiful white hair that frames his face, as we explore his who is George Cebo and his present relationship with Croft Castle, house, parklands and the wonderful stories he tells about the visitors he encounters as he drives them to and forth from the castle.

Live portrait sitting Ian Grafton

Ian Grafton was the 4th custodian of Croftcastle to sit for his portrait yesterday. We talked about his life and his role as operational manager of croft Castle and parklands. As he talks with enthusiasm and passion about his life here at Croft I developed several drawing/paint studies that represent his physicality and his essence. The public, other volunteers  and staff members joined us from time to time to comment on the progress of the live drawings and to probe into the fascinating and somewhat unseen process of creating a portrait over time.