The Big Draw: The Finale of The Custodians #thebigdraw

I did a portrait drawing day as part of The Big Draw.

A Great finale to celebrate the end of The Custodians at Croft Castle.
A Big Thank you to everyone who took part.

Here are some photos from the day taken by me as I drew their portraits and they created drawings of the paintings in Croft Castle.

Photos below were taken by Rebecca Farkas from Meadow Arts.

checkout what participants thought about the drawing day.
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2013-11-02 15.12.20-1

2013-11-02 15.12.29-1

2013-11-02 16.12.32-1


Family Arts Festival Event – The Big Draw at Croft Castle: Time Will Tell

Don’t miss out on another portrait workshop at croftcastle. I’ll be armed with pencils and paper as you join me to create your version of TheCustodians.



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Ian Stanton’s portrait is back on the easle. Intensly working out the lights and shade against colour and texture of his skin and hair. A background of yellow muskness to bring him in and out doors as Ian juggles between the office and parklands of croftcastle. I asked all the sitters ‘if they could speak to one of the croft ancestors now-what would they ask them.’ I’ll be letting you know each one of Custodians answers soon. In the mean time what would you ask of one of your ancestors. ???

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